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About Us

Established and based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kafa’at fast became one of the leading companies in human resources management services, training, development and management consultations.

Ever since its establishment, the company actively focused on increasing the productivity and stimulating creativity and excellence, which we undoubtedly believe are the two main pillars of success and prosperity for each and every company.

In fact, Kafa’at considers that specialized competencies along with a strong infrastructure and a solid investment are the key factors in finding comprehensive solutions,allowing it to strategically manage human resources and restructure recruitment systems.

Thus, the company’s team of professionals will work closely with the local and international companies’human resources team to manage their recruitment policies, develop and train their workforce, support and ameliorate their existing team, prepping them for different kinds of tasks, in addition to providing the companies with necessary, precise and timely advices regarding their current and future workforce.

Our Vision

Kafa’at works on promoting and ensuring its position among the leading companies in the human resources management field while focusing on training and developing cadres, improving workforce efficiency and providing management solutions. The company also seeks to play a vital role, as a main partner, in both private and public sectors.

Our Mission

Maintaining the same level of success it previously provided, Kafa’at aims to satisfy its customers by producing the most accurate and advanced solutions, while improving their work environment entourage and thus, increasing their productivity levels immensely.

Our Values

Knowing that ensuring your success is our sole triumph; our established values define and maintain our identity as well as reflect our credibility towards you. For this, Kafa’at strongly encourages:

  • The spreading of integrity and transparency.
  • The implication of international quality standards.
  • The finalization of work with high professionalism.
  • The confidentiality and respect of privacy of the customers’ data and applications.
  • The promotion of team work and both individual and collective responsibility.
  • The respect and appreciation leading to the creation of harmony and stimulation of productivity.

Our Goals

Kafa’at goals have always been to serve its clients with the best and most innovative ideas allowing them to shine, such goals can be reflected in the company’s goals that are:  

  • To develop the workforce competencies and upgrade the public and private sectors.
  • To contribute in the rehabilitation of the national skills of various sectors.
  • To define the appropriate training needs of diverse departments.
  • To analyze regulatory and procedural issues restricting the efficiency of different stakeholders.
  • To provide specialized management consultations that aim to promote the efficiency of different stakeholders and their impact in the public and private sectors, as well as to contribute in the improvement of the quality of services.
  • To help stakeholders in the public and private sectors in the process of coping with social, technical and economic changes.
  • To build competitiveness resulting in the continuous growth of various sectors.