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Services and Solutions

Public Relations and Media Division

The public relations and media division intends to provide vital services that reflect the company’s eminence and business’ goals. Through its high-end services, this division bridges a solid communication base with various companies throughout several sectors, developing communication competencies, building a strong relationship and promoting Kafa’at reputation.  This highly skilled division, alike all of Kafa’at’s team of specialists, reflects the company’s success through the following services:  
  • The handling of all necessary contracting measures of fairs, conferences and seminars and liaison with sponsoring companies, marketing and sales services.
  • The organization of fairs, conferences and seminars.
  • The management of international centers and relevant requirements.
  • The supervision of all necessary logistical services to speakers in terms of travel arrangements, and visa issuance and accommodation.
  • The management of the financial affairs for fairs, conferences and seminars.

Training and Competencies Development

While aiming to meet all of the Labor’s market requirements and customers’ needs, Kafa’at provides a full workforce training and services development that aim to improve operational competencies. These services include:  
  • The study and evaluation of the training needs.
  • The assessment on the returns on investment in regards to training and competencies developments.
  • The design of various training programs and activities.
  • The implementation of management meetings, including the chief executive officers.
  • The design of workshops, practical discussions as well as a number of trainings.

Management Consultations and Human Resources

Kafa’at emphasizes on the crucial role of administrative consultations in the support and organization of the internal work for the companies. Such consultation works actively on the increase of productivity as well as the stimulation and development of the human resources. Our management consultations and organization services include:  
  • The preparation and development of senior management systems.
  • The measurement and improve of the organizational performance.
  • The study of the quality cost.
  • The restructuring of the management processes and the development of competencies.
  • The setting of the strategic plans that aim to develop productivity.
  • The simplification of the management and operational measures.

Support and Operations

In the light of their development and expansion projects, and in order to efficiently increase their productivity and achieve higher and more advanced professional goals, companies are increasingly turning to external sources and entrusting some of their tasks to professional specialists.  In this regard, Kafa’at plays an effective role in meeting the needs of customers by ensuring and training the appropriate workforce, and following up on various management consultations. These services include:  
  • The assessment and restructuring of the of the work measures.
  • The preparation and development of human resources plans.
  • The retention of highly skilled talents in the fields of security, information technology, communications, engineering and health care.
  • The conduction of the necessary security clearance of job applicants and the validation of their academic certificates and experience.
  • The management of human resources services for projects including governmental relations as well as the provision of health insurance, compensations management and the full compliance with all the regulations in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • The assessment of the performance of employees and the efficiency of the services.
  • The designation of a project manager among national cadres to overview the project.