Kafa’at is Committed to comply with all the applicable statutory and regulatory requirements in providing Human Resources Solutions to clients with high quality standard and value-added according to the latest international practices that meet clients’ needs and expectations through continuous quest in the development of policies and procedures, and the development of functional cadres qualified, and the use of available resources in the manner optimized.

Kafa’at is Committed to continuous development through its Quality Management System as per ISO 9001 which provides the framework for measuring and developing performance. The following systems and procedures periodically reviewed and used to assist in achieving clients’ satisfaction:

  • Meet all the needs and expectations of interested parties.
  • Handle clients’ feedback and complaints.
  • Select partners and monitor their performance.
  • Train and develop employees.
  • Regular internal audit of all operations and procedures.
  • Management review of internal audit results.
  • Periodical measurement of quality objectives to reflect business objectives.
  • Manage risks and develop plans to mitigate them.

All employees should be informed of quality policy to help them apply the quality system in their work at various departments.